Friday, March 25, 2011


No, I won't write about Starcraft, although it's an amazing game. :-) This is an IP protocol scanner. It discovers which protocols are supported by the host, with using ICMP and waiting for "Protocol unreachable" answer, which theoretically should arrive if the target doesn't support the given protocol.

protos: invalid option -- 'h'
Usage: ./protos -i eth0 -d -v
-v             verbose
-V             show which protocols are not supported
-u             don't ping targets first
-s             make the scan slow (for very remote devices)
-L             show the long protocol name and it's reference (RFC)
-p x           number of probes (default=5)
-S x           sleeptime is x (default=1)
-a x           continue scan afterwards for x seconds (default=3)
-d dest        destination (IP or IP/MASK)
-i interface   the eth0 stuff
-W             don't scan, just print the protocol list

Let's see, what it can find on on my Android phone.

root@bt:~# protos -i eth0 -d -v -L is alive
Running in verbose mode
        Afterscan delay is 3
        running in fast scan - pause every 1 probes
        continuing scan afterwards for 3 secs
        supported protocols will be reported
        you supplied the target(s)

Port unreachable - therefore protocol IPenc is running
Port unreachable - therefore protocol IPv6 is running
>>>>>>>>> RESULTS >>>>>>>>>> may be running (did not negate):
ICMP            Internet Control Message [RFC792]
GGP             Gateway-to-Gateway [RFC823]
IPenc           IP in IP (encapsulation) [RFC2003]
ST              Stream [RFC1190,IEN119]
TCP             Transmission Control [RFC793]
IGP             any private interior gateway [IANA]
NVP-II          Network Voice Protocol [RFC741,SC3]
ARGUS           ARGUS [RWS4]
XNET            Cross Net Debugger [IEN158,JFH2]
UDP             User Datagram [RFC768,JBP]
DCN-MEAS        DCN Measurement Subsystems [DLM1]
PRM             Packet Radio Measurement [ZSU]
TRUNK-1         Trunk-1 [BWB6]
LEAF-1          Leaf-1 [BWB6]
RDP             Reliable Data Protocol [RFC908,RH6]
ISO-TP4         ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 [RFC905,RC77]
MFE-NSP         MFE Network Services Protocol [MFENET,BCH2]
SEP             Sequential Exchange Protocol [JC120]
IDPR            Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol [MXS1]
DDP             Datagram Delivery Protocol [WXC]
IL              IL Transport Protocol [Presotto]
IPv6            Ipv6 [Deering]
SDRP            Source Demand Routing Protocol [DXE1]
IPv6-Frag       Fragment Header for IPv6 [Deering]
RSVP            Reservation Protocol [Bob Braden]
MHRP            Mobile Host Routing Protocol[David Johnson]
ESP             Encap Security Payload for IPv6 [RFC1827]
I-NLSP          Integrated Net Layer Security TUBA [GLENN]
NARP            NBMA Address Resolution Protocol [RFC1735]
TLSP            Transport Layer Security Protocol [Oberg]
IPv6-ICMP       ICMP for IPv6 [RFC1883]
IPv6-Opts       Destination Options for IPv6 [RFC1883]
CFTP            CFTP [CFTP,HCF2]
SAT-EXPAK       SATNET and Backroom EXPAK [SHB]
RVD             MIT Remote Virtual Disk Protocol [MBG]
68              any distributed file system [IANA]
VISA            VISA Protocol [GXT1]
CPNX            Computer Protocol Network Executive [DXM2]
WSN             Wang Span Network [VXD]
BR-SAT-MON      Backroom SATNET Monitoring [SHB]
WB-MON          WIDEBAND Monitoring [SHB]
ISO-IP          ISO Internet Protocol [MTR]
TTP             TTP [JXS]
DGP             Dissimilar Gateway Protocol [DGP,ML109]
Sprite-RPC      Sprite RPC Protocol [SPRITE,BXW]
MTP             Multicast Transport Protocol [SXA]
IPIP            IP-within-IP Encapsulation Protocol [JI6]
SCC-SP          Semaphore Communications Sec. Pro. [HXH]
ENCAP           Encapsulation Header [RFC1241,RXB3]
IFMP            Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol [Hinden]
PIM             Protocol Independent Multicast [Farinacci]
SCPS            SCPS [Durst]
A/N             Active Networks [Braden]
SNP             Sitara Networks Protocol [Sridhar]
IPX-in-IP       IPX in IP [Lee]
L2TP            Layer Two Tunneling Protocol [Aboba]
IATP            Interactive Agent Transfer Protocol [Murphy]
SRP             SpectraLink Radio Protocol [Hamilton]
SMP             Simple Message Protocol [Ekblad]
PTP             Performance Transparency Protocol [Welzl]
FIRE            [Partridge]
CRUDP           Combat Radio User Datagram [Sautter]
IPLT            [Hollbach]
PIPE            Private IP Encapsulation within IP [Petri]
FC              Fibre Channel [Rajagopal]
135             [IANA]
137             [IANA]
138             [IANA]
141             [IANA]
143             [IANA]
145             [IANA]
147             [IANA]
149             [IANA]
151             [IANA]
153             [IANA]
155             [IANA]
157             [IANA]
159             [IANA]
161             [IANA]
163             [IANA]
165             [IANA]
167             [IANA]
169             [IANA]
171             [IANA]
173             [IANA]
175             [IANA]
177             [IANA]
179             [IANA]
182             [IANA]
184             [IANA]
186             [IANA]
188             [IANA]
190             [IANA]
192             [IANA]
194             [IANA]
196             [IANA]
198             [IANA]
200             [IANA]
202             [IANA]
204             [IANA]
206             [IANA]
208             [IANA]
210             [IANA]
212             [IANA]
214             [IANA]
216             [IANA]
218             [IANA]
220             [IANA]
222             [IANA]
224             [IANA]
226             [IANA]
228             [IANA]
230             [IANA]
232             [IANA]
234             [IANA]
236             [IANA]
238             [IANA]
240             [IANA]
242             [IANA]
244             [IANA]
246             [IANA]
248             [IANA]
250             [IANA]
252             [IANA]
254             [IANA]


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