Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So. I decided to look through all of the BackTrack 4 pre-installed applications and get to know them. I will document them here, partly for myself, but maybe somebody else find it handy. I have only limited knowledge of network security / security, so probably it will not be perfect, but you can correct me if I write something stupid. :-)

The first is the Metagoofil tool, which can be found here:

Briefly is designed to search files in a given domain, it will download and extract the metadata (who, when edited the last time, etc ...), and it will generate a report, so that tells you what user names exist in a given domain. The program is completely based on a Google search, and since they have recently changed the listing of results, we need to edit the python code to produce results. The solution can be found here:


An example for running:

It does not handle very well special foreign characters, but otherwise it's very handy. In short, that's it, it's worth to experiment it.

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