Saturday, November 25, 2017

kex - python kernel exploit library - major update #2

I made a larger update to my kex library again. Token stealing is not the only way in kernel exploitation, suggest to read the following:

I essentially implemented additional shellcodes based on Cerudo's BlackHat talk and Martin Schenk's blogpost, there are a few differences to how I implemented them vs how Martin did:

  1. I elevate my own process privileges, not the parent or cmd.exe
  2. I use different offset in KTHREAD to find the EPROCESS structure (nt!_KTHREAD ->  _KAPC_STATE -> EPROCESS), so you will see different values there
  3. I used PALETTEs for data-only pwning and not the tagWND method, this also means that it won't work beyond Win10 RS3
  4. The token overwrite has been extended to also change the Present bit as it is required after Win10 RS3, as described here:!_SEP_TOKEN_PRIVILEGES-Single_Write_EoP_Protect.pdf
  5. I added all offsets from Win7 to Win10 RS3 so the code should work universally across all platforms

I added an example with the HEVD driver to show how all these works. I didn't have a chance to test the actual shellcodes, only the data-only variant, so if any issues, let me know.


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