Friday, February 19, 2016

CVE-2015-8285 - QuickHeal webssx.sys driver DOS vulnerability

A few months back I decided to practice my skills learned in the AWE course, in order to maintain it in my head, and keep it as an "active" knowledge. In general I don't have too much time these days, but I sacrificed some time for this. I also wanted to find a new vulnerability instead of writing an exploit code for an existing one, which didn't make things easier.
As I don't plan to do such kind of activity too often, I decided to look for bugs manually with reversing a kernel driver and look for possibly vulnerable IOCTL codes. I was probably lucky or these bugs are really frequent, but after some trials with a few products I found one in QuickHeal AV 16. There is a DOS vulnerability in the webssx.sys driver. Here is the document I made with all the details:

and here is my POC code:

Due to the reasons described in the document I didn't find a way to make a privilege escalation exploit out of this, so if someone see a possibility, please let me know :) With that it was still a very good experience, and I definitely learned new stuff with this.

This is also my first ever bug and CVE. This part was also a very interesting journey. How to report a bug, get CVE assigned, etc... It didn't went smoothly, and I had a few challenges initially to contact the vendor, but it all sorted out at the end. It took about 3 months from my initial trials of submitting the details to QuickHeal till they actually released a fix.

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