Sunday, January 6, 2013

Backtrack Forensics: foremost

Forensics -> Forensic Carving Tools

foremost is a data carving tool, which can work on drives or image files. It extracts files based on their internal structure / signatures / header and footer information. It will also recover deleted files. There are a lot of pre-defined types, but if wee need additional, we can define them at foremost.conf, which is located at /usr/local/etc/

Usage examples:

foremost -t jpeg,wmv -i Desktop/forensics/11-carve-fat/11-carve-fat.dd - carve jpeg and vmw files
foremost -t jpeg,wmv -w -i Desktop/forensics/11-carve-fat/11-carve-fat.dd - only create audit file, without actually extracting the files

It will extract files to a directory called "output" by default, and also crated an audit.txt file, where it will print a summary information.

In the example below I used the forensic test image #11, which can be found here:
This is a great resource for testing forensic tools.

Data carve jpeg and wmv files from the image:

Produced output:


Running md5deep we can verify on the list: which files were extracted. We can see that any corrupted or invalid files were not carved, and deleted files were extracted.

Official Webpage:

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