Friday, December 21, 2012

Backtrack Forensic: hexedit

The tool can be reached from:

Forensics -> Digital Forensics

hexedit is a hexadecimal editor, as it names suggests. You can edit both files or entire drives with it, in exactly the same way. When you start it, it will have 3 different "columns": the location (starting from 00000000), then the hexadecimal values, and in the most right the ASCII values. You can switch with the TAB key between the hex and ASCII representation. Moving in the file can be done with the arrow keys.

There are a whole lot of hotkeys you can use for navigating and editing, which I don't want to cover here, you can find all in the official site, or in the manual of the application. Just a few common ones:

Ctrl-X: save and exit
Ctrl-C: exit without saving
Esc-W:  copy
Ctrl-Y: paste
Esc-Y:  paste into a file
/, Ctrl+S - search forward (in ASCII or in hexadecimal)

Running it:

hexedit filename
hexedit hexedit1.txt

hexedit device
hexedit /dev/sda

If we don't give a filename as an input, then it will ask for it.

--color : color mode
--maximize : maximize display


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