Thursday, February 9, 2012

IPv6 pentesting 2. - detect-new-ip6

The tools found in thc-ipv6 package are located at the /usr/local/bin/ directory on BackTrack 5. The complete program listing and the package itself is available for download from here:

The first tool I check is the "detect-new-ip6" tool. This is essentially detects the new hosts, which are connected to the network and continuously prints them to the screen. This is based on IPv6's DAD (Duplicate Address Detection) function. Each IPv6 host, when it connects to the network sends an ICMPv6 packet to a multicast address associated with its IPv6 address, and waits for a reply, with this verifying whether this address is already used by another device on the network or not. These messages are watched by the tool. The usage is very simple:

detect-new-ip6 eth0

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