Monday, November 21, 2011

Backtrack basics 9. - Using wireless if running as a VM

I'm sure many people wondered, including me, how to do wireless in VMware, because the wifi network card can not be shared or attached to the virtual machine. The solution is an USB wireless network card, because VMware can pass any USB device to a virtual machine, thus solving the problem.

Just plug in your USB device, and then at the lower right corner of the VMware window, select whether you want to connect it to the VM, in this case to Backtrack.

If Backtrack support the wifi card, it will appear as wlan0 interface. Here are two lists about the supported wireless cards:


Péter Kovács said...


Én próbáltam ahogy írtad de nem driver errort ír ki a vmware-nél lehet nem támogatja az usb-s wifimet?

csaby said...


Milyen USB-d van?

Itt van egy leírás ilyen hibákról: