Thursday, April 28, 2011


Network Mapping -> Identify Live Hosts -> genlist

genlist can ping all hosts in a given subnet, and print out the IPs, which responded. Later on we can scan these with nmap. Here are a couple of examples:

Input Type:
-s --scan <target> Ping Target Range ex: 10.0.0.\*

Scan Options:
-n --nmap <path> Path to Nmap executable
--inter <interface> Perform Nmap Scan using non default interface

General Options:
-v --version Display version
-h --help Display this information

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root@bt:~# genlist -s
root@bt:~# genlist -s 192.168.1.\*
root@bt:~# genlist -v
genlist version 2.04 by Joshua D. Abraham

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